How many hours do you spend in your backyard, playing with your dog or kids, barbecuing with friends or relaxing after a day’s work? Have you considered how important curb appeal is when you sell a home? Is there a landscaping project you’ve been dreaming about?

Whether you are interested in landscape design and installation, maintenance programs/services, or hardscape services, Xtreme Landscape Solutions can help you create and maintain any garden you desire. Imagine how having a beautiful and functional backyard could enhance the time you spend at your home. At Xtreme Landscape Solutions, we understand the importance of designing a landscape around your home that adds to your enjoyment and the overall appeal of your home.

Whether your existing landscape is overgrown or just needs a little TLC, Xtreme Landscape Solutions can help. Through careful planning, quality workmanship and by using the best plant and hardscape materials on the market, there are no limits to what we can accomplish for you, our Client. From the initial consultation to the final walk through, you will be amazed with our dedication to creating a landscape that can be enjoyed for years to come. Our professional staff will guide you through every step to build your landscaping ideas into beautiful yet functional spaces that will enhance your outdoor environment.

If you are dissatisfied with the way your landscape currently looks, or are interested in new landscape ideas, allow Xtreme Landscape Solutions to give you that image makeover. We specialize in Landscape Installations, Renovations and Maintenance, and can help enhance your landscape with elements of color, texture, borders and style.

Xtreme Landscape Solutions can help you solve that drainage problem before it gets worse. We can help you with walls and grading to create a little more level area for your outdoor activities. We can help you with planting for privacy, add a tree to help cool you home or change out flowerbeds, hanging baskets, planters and window boxes with seasonal flowers.